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First Person Horror Husk Has Been Announced

UndeadScout, the Polish development team responsible for exploration thriller ‘The Clearing’ have recently announced a new title named Husk, due to be a narrative horror game with survival elements. The game appears to be set in the ever sinister and mysterious town of Shivercliff, that in its official description comes across as being quite a pleasant place, however the creepy undertones will cause you to quickly deduce that Shivercliff isn’t going to be as welcoming as its exterior may suggest. If you still aren’t convinced well… just look at the picture below.

Husk 1

Husk is said to be a game about facing your inner demons and battling the past to save your future, a compelling concept that we can’t wait to hear more about. In our, very possibly wrong, opinion the town appears to be laid out as a physical manifestation of your own past, as you delve deeper into the mysteries of Shivercliff you delve deeper into your own dark history.

Finally the things we do know are that Husk will have a strong narrative focus, survival elements and will sport both melee and firearms combat. This is a title you should definitely keep an eye out for as more is revealed. For your viewing pleasure the teaser trailer is embedded below.


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