First Press Games is Bringing a Triple Pack of Fun to PS4 in 2020; Mulaka, Rival Megagun, Psychotic Adventures Origins

You may not have heard about the following games, but they’re worth a look if you’re into quirky, indie games that seldom get physical releases.

First Press Games has announced that it will be releasing a trio of games on PS4 and Nintendo Switch next year, all of which had previously only been available as digital downloads. While digital downloads are quickly becoming the norm, what with the ease of access and ridiculously good deals we get with digital games, some still prefer to get something that can be held in the hand. I appreciate that, too, and it’s nice to see there are some companies still willing to put games out onto physical media. You may scorn and laugh, but in 20 years when the digital versions have been removed from online storefronts, the discs with still work.

The three games are:

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Rival Megagun by Spacewave Studios/Degica Games, a versus Shoot Em’ Up in the same vein as the beloved arcade classic Twinkle Star Sprites.
– Mulaka by Lienzo, a 3D Action-Adventure with Mexican mythological setting.
– Psychotic Adventures Origins (a bundle of MechaNika & Agatha Knife) by Mango Protocol, an Adventure series with an emphasis on dark humor.

There’s no solid release date as of yet, though First Press Games says that they’ll be available in early 2020. You can pre-order the triple pack via the First Press Games website to secure yourself a little discount and some extra goodies. The full details can be found over on the First Press Games web shop.

You will have to hurry, though, as pre-orders for the triple pack are very, very limited. However, you’ll still be able to get each game individually on release, if you wish.

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