First PS5 Compatible SSD Revealed, Starting at $149 for 500GB

First PS5 Compatible SSD Revealed, Starting at $149 for 500GB

Expandable storage is a going to be a hot topic once the next-gen consoles come around. Game sizes are getting bigger, after all, and we’re all so used to having dozens of games installed at any time, so it makes sense that many players will want to up their storage limit to accommodate their next-gen games.

Western Digital has come out swinging, revealing the first PS5 compatible SSDs, and they’re available to buy right now. The prices aren’t cheap, mind you, and getting the most storage will cost you around half the cost of your next-gen machine. Ouch.

The prices at Western Digital start at $149.99 for the 500GB version, with the price rising to $169.99 if you want the version with the heatsink. The 1TB SSD comes in at $229.99, with the 2TB SSD coming in at a staggering $449.99. Double ouch. That’s more than the PS5 Digital Edition.

Prices will come down eventually as cheaper options enter the market, but expect to be paying top-dollar for at least the first few months, if not the first year, of the PS5 and Xbox Series X releasing.

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