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Fishing Master for the PSVR Announced

Fishing is a sport that takes time, persistence, the right equipment, beer, and sometimes dynamite. You will have to supply your own beer and dynamite, but Fishing Master may be the closest thing to actual fishing without having to bait a hook.

The San Francisco Bay location is featured heavily in both trailers, but other locations will be available including the Alps and the Arctic. The sunset on the bay, and the Northern Lights look very peaceful. It definitely beats a lot of the dirty old fishing boats we have seen that only stay afloat with duct tape and happy thoughts.

The fish are a big part of Fishing Master, and there will be be over 200 for you to claim. Each of the fish has its own AI, and the lines can snap if you are not careful. There will also be over 50 pieces of equipment, so you can find the best tool for the job.

For any that you do manage to pull into your boat, you can store them in your personal aquarium. The trailer makes it look like you can view the fish as you move around inside the aquarium.

We have added two trailers for the curious. The trailer at the top shows actual gameplay. The second trailer is the regular announcement video. Fishing Master will be angling for release on October 24th.

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