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Flap Your Arms Like a Bird in Leave the Nest

The PlayStation VR news is out on all fronts today and this one might have the most potential for embarrassment. Kaio Interactive revealed Leave the Nest, a linear, endless flapper, that may or may not give you actual flying powers. (Note: It won’t. Don’t try to jump out any windows while playing this game.)

The lone objective is to fly as far from your nest as possible to build a new home. You can expect lava spewing volcanoes, graveyard ghosts, buildings, fireworks, and more to get in your way. More like kill your cute and innocent bird, but we digress. For those of you not wanting to actually move your arms up and down to simulate flapping, the DualShock 4 controller will be usable. There are power-ups to attain, tokens to collect, and special abilities to use for all sixteen different birds through more than twenty five levels and zones.

Kaio Interactive also announced a March 14th release date for Leave the Nest and a trailer, which is weirdly on Vimeo, that can be viewed above. We’ve never seen (what we assume to be sober) people enjoy being a bird before either. Hit us up in the comments below and let us know what your thoughts are on this Flappy Bird-like title.

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Kaio Interactive

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