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UPDATE: Flatout 4 Continues the Series Traditions in March

UPDATE: The publishers seem to be playing a trick on the press as they revealed that the release date for the Americas is April 4th. It’s only four more days than the last day of March but we think we’ll survive.

Let us tell you a sad tale as old as twenty five years. A young video game player asks their grandparents for a Flatout video game for Christmas back during the PS2 days. To his horror they made a mistake and got him Burnout: Revenge instead. Ok, maybe that story isn’t sad at all because Burnout is a fantastic franchise in its own right. Flatout’s on the other hand will continue on seemingly out of nowhere. Publishers PQube and BigBen Interactive have announced via press release that Kylotonn Racing Games has almost completed Flatout 4: Total Insanity. The current release window is March 2017.

Those out of the know, the Flatout series is known for wild out of control racing and intense, death defying demolitions. Case in point, stunt mode will be returning where you fling the driver out the windshield of their car. Gamers can also expect over twenty five different cars to drive, twenty tracks to cruise around on, an arena mode with events like death match and capture the flag, a brand new experience called Assault Mode, and up to eight players in an online match. You can check out the title’s rather tame (read: insane) gameplay trailer above.

Flatout 4: Total Insanity is being developed by Kylotonn Racing Games and is expected to drop on the PlayStation 4 sometime in March. The developers are mostly known for the WRC racing games and the B.O.S. shooting installments. If you have any fond and disgusting Flatout moments, let us know in the comments below!

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