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Flower Division Fights Two Greater Demons in Latest Sakura Wars Trailer

A new trailer dropped for Sakura Wars today, and there’s a lot here for only one and a half minutes. First, we are introduced to two greater demons. The arrogant and sadistic Oboro is only too happy to try to give Flower Division a fight. The other greater demon Yaksha appears to be familiar and is demanding the release an Imperial Key to open a seal.

Both of them look like trouble, and, like all trouble, it’s happening at an inconvenient time. In an effort to be ready to protect Tokyo from these kinds of threats, they have been working with their Type-3 Kobu Spiricle Armor and Mugen-Class Spiricle Strikers, but they might not have expected to have a challenge so soon. As a combat revue, countering these threats comes with the territory.

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Beyond showing more of the story, there is plenty of gameplay and animation. You can see the heroes battling from mechs and navigating the terrain of the dark realm. The CG part of the trailers are fine, but the animation looks really good. It doesn’t hurt to have Tite Kubo as your main character designer. I know his name from the manga and anime Bleach, and he knows interesting designs.

Sakura Wars takes place in a steampunk version of Tokyo in the 1940s. A decade earlier, the entire Tokyo combat revue was lost in a tragedy. As the new leader, you’ll need to build a capable team and prove it shouldn’t be shut down. You can build bonds that will impact your team in and out of combat with the new LIPS dialogue system to ensure a strong fighting force.

If you’ve been wanting to dive into the mech battling world of Sakura Wars, it releases April 28th.

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