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Flywrench Coming on Over to the PS4 Next Week

An action-puzzler that is minimalist in design would be the perfect way to describe Flywrench. You have to flip your “ship’s” polarity to match the designs and colors you fly, drop, and bounce through in order to reach the stage’s end. Like any other brutally designed game, you have to learn from your deaths and master your soaring skills. You can check out the PlayStation 4 reveal trailer above. The console version will also come with twelve exclusive levels which brings the total up to one hundred and ninety nine. Both the single player campaign and time trials will return.

Flywrench is developed by Messhof and originally released for the PC back in 2015. It received mostly positive reviews. The PS4 version will drop on February 14th and cost $6.99. Entertain us with stories of dying over and over again if you’ve already played the game in the comments below! We won’t judge, we promise.

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