Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive Partnering for New Game IP, Reveal Coming Next Month

Focus Home Interactive has been very busy the last few years. To name but a few, the publisher has had its hands in World War Z, Greedfall and A Plague Tale: Innocence, by teaming up with developers from across the globe.

The latest partnership is with the Vancouver-based developer Blackbird Interactive, which has multiple games in development. According to the press release put out by the duo, players can expect to see the new game, which is an original new IP, at PAX East next month before being released later this year.

What could it be? What’s the point in guessing, really. It’s a new IP. It could be about mutant toads for all we know. Actually, the press release does say something of note that gives us a hint as to the nature of the unannounced game:

“Set in an original IP and combining Focus Home’s love of innovative, new experiences with Blackbird’s deep knowledge and enjoyment of sci-fi settings, the upcoming game is sure to delight and intrigue audiences.”

So… Sci-fi something? It’s possible that this new game is going to release on PS5. Given that PAX East is taking place next month, and we’re expecting Sony to do a reveal event for the PS5, I’d say the chances of it being a PS5 game are 50/50. Tenner bet, anyone?

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Rob Cunningham, CEO and founder of Blackbird Interactive said today: “We are truly excited to work with the Focus team. From our first meeting, it was clear they are a perfect fit to help deliver BBI’s innovative new game to a wide audience. Focus genuinely shares our vision to create high-quality original titles and have completely embraced the new world we are crafting. We feel extremely fortunate and grateful for this opportunity, and look forward to an exciting and productive partnership!”

Focus Home Interactive’s John Bert, Chief Operating Officer, said today: “We are delighted to bring Blackbird on board the Focus flagship as we continue to invest in new and innovative games that will delight players for years to come. It’s also fantastic to be able to reveal this game in full at PAX East 2020, the premiere gaming culture convention running yearly in Boston, Massachusetts.”

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