For Honor: Closed Alpha Impressions

Over last weekend I was lucky enough to put an ungodly amount of hours into For Honor’s closed alpha. The game is heavy and visceral in all the right ways, Ubisoft really nailed the combat in this one. The closed alpha did not contain all of the game’s features and so my opinion here should not be viewed as how the finished product may turn out.

The game easily surpassed my expectations, with first off, a phenomenal combat system. The system named ‘The Art Of Battle’ see’s you using the right analog stick to choose your guard position which must mirror your opponent’s to perform a block or differ from it to successfully attack. It sounds simple enough but once you get into combos, throws, stuns, guard breaks, etc, it really does get quite complicated. Despite this, it was enjoyable and easy enough to get the hang of at first and very rewarding to gauge how to pull off more advanced skills later on.

The closed alpha featured 3 maps with 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 game modes playable with AI or other players. The goal of the 1v1 and 2v2 modes are simply to kill the other player/s first to win a round in a best of 5 setup. The 4v4 plays as a dominion mode with 3 capture points that you must hold with your team throughout the game, as soon as your team reaches 1000 points the enemy team goes into ‘breaking’. This mean they no longer have respawns, if you kill them all it’s game over and if they take capture points they can get you below 1000 again and regain their ability to respawn. I thought this to be an excellent feature that meant games wouldn’t end abruptly and gave the losing team and opportunity to swing the game back in their favour, adding a high¬†level of intensity to the end of games.

Each map was unique and all were incredibly beautiful and well crafted. The graphics in general were very impressive, especially that of the heroes you can play as (6 in the alpha, 2 for each faction). I gave all the heroes a test run and found my favourite to be a hero from the Viking faction. You can check out some of my gameplay below showing off For Honor’s 2v2 mode, although a 2v2 does not take up much space there is a lot more to this map that is used in the 4v4 mode. I must say it was a very intense match.

Keep in mind the video is only in 720p so will not show off For Honor’s graphics in all it’s glorious 1080p, however, it gives you a good idea of the mechanics.

Outside of games you have access to a customisation menu with a plethora of options, a lot more freedom in that menu than I anticipated. Weapons have 3 parts to them that are customisable through loot drops in games, for example the axe you saw used in the video above can have different shafts, axe-heads and hilts. Your characters can have different armor that you can then set colour schemes for, armor and weapon parts also have different stats that can affect your play-style.

That’s about all I can comment on in the game’s alpha build, if you were lucky enough to get into the alpha as well, let us know what you think of For Honor down in the comments.




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