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For Honor Season 3 Grudge & Glory Brings Free Maps and More This August 15th

Ubisoft has officially announced what’s coming in For Honor Season 3’s Grudge & Glory update this August 15th.

The update will feature two new arenas to slice and dice opponents in with The Sentinel and Viking Village. The former is a ruined castle that even has a ballista that can be used by players to strategically blow away their enemies, while the latter is set in a snowy Viking town with traps galore. Should make for some interesting gameplay.

Then there’s the two new heroes that will be available. The first is the Viking Highlander who comes equipped with a huge claymore sword, while the Knight’s Gladiator runs around with a trident and shield that can be used to stun enemies by swinging it in their face. Season Pass holders gets access to the new characters at launch (August 15th) while non-Season Pass holders will have to wait a week and pay 15,000 in-game currency to be able to try out the new heroes. Time to start grinding…

There’s a quick trailer up above that’ll give you a glimpse at the new fighters in action. If you want to get an early look at the Grudge & Glory update before it goes live, Ubisoft will be hosting a livestream on August 12th.

As always, we’re left impressed with Ubisoft’s post-launch commitment. The publisher really is doing a great job at playing the long-game to keep players engaged – something that’s no doubt earning goodwill with the players that drop the dough on the games.

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