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For Honor Weekly Content Update Video Released (January 10th)

Ubisoft has released its latest weekly content video for the week of January 10th, 2019, showing the latest additions to the popular online brawler.

The new video is a couple of minutes long, and unless you’re really invested in character ornaments, it’s going to be a little dull. However, just in case you can’t watch the video that’s embedded up above, the clip shows each hero with their new ornaments. And that’s it. That’s what we’ve come to expect from these videos by now, though, so it’s the norm.

If you’ve still not jumped in on For Honor, the game is available as part of Sony’s PlayStation Now subscription. You can either stream the game on your PS4 or PC if your internet speeds are good enough, or download the game straight to your PS4 and play it like a regular person.

Until next week…

Source: YouTube

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