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For Honor; Closed Alpha Dates Revealed For Brutal Melee Multiplayer Game

Ever wondered who would win in a fight; a samurai, a viking, or a knight? Clearly this question has been the cause of many late night bar-brawls, as Ubisoft have set out to answer it (for the good of mankind) with their upcoming (February 2017) multiplayer game, For Honor. Check out the honourable TGS 2016 ‘samurai’ trailer above, then read on with us for the low down on the Alpha.

Ubisoft really want to get people interested in ‘For Honor’, if they aren’t already. A slew of character trailers have been released (most recently the: Berserker, Conqueror, and Orochi) as well as Alpha and Beta signups being taken. Hot on the heals of the signups opening, the dates of the first closed Alpha have been announced. You’d better signup fast if you want a chance of getting in though, the Alpha takes place from the 15th to 18th of September.

Warden v Orochi
Warden v Orochi

The Alpha will give players the opportunity to try six different character classes: Kensei, Warden, Orochi, Raider, Conqueror, and Berserker. Each class promises to have it’s own skill set, armour and weapons, and customisation options, and the progression and customisation systems are also being shown off in partial form.

The Alpha will include three game modes (of the five available in the full release): Duel (1 on 1), Brawl (2 on 2), and Dominion (4 on 4), the developer promises that each will come with its own maps which they say will allow players to “develop their tactical skills by using the environments to their advantage.” We’re not sure how much scope for tactical nuance is really available when your objective is to stab the enemy, many times, but we’re excited to find out!

For Honor is due for release on February 14th for PS4, PC, and Xbox One and is available for pre-order now. You can pick up For Honor (PS4) here to receive the ‘Legacy Battle Pack’ DLC, if you order before release day (£44.00 of your finest English pounds at the time of writing). 


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