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Forager Digs Up a Retail Release

You may have missed this one when it released on the PS4 earlier this year (I did), but Forager is giving you a second chance to direct your own destiny in its upcoming retail release. The physical version will include some stickers and an exclusive poster with the same cartoony art style.

There are mutliple paths in Forager, and you can dabble in all of them or specialize in the one that tickles your fancy. The 2D world will let you battle monsters and bosses in four different dungeons for treasure and blueprints. You can earn more skills to keep you alive and new recipes for weapons.

Perhaps you have enough excitement in your life, so you don’t need to be an adventurer all the time. You can work the land as a farmer and grow different crops. You can also take care of animals and have a pet. The Love System will deepen your bonds with your furry friends.

If you like the land, but don’t want to be tied down, you can become a gatherer. Why struggle with all the sweat of your brow in one farm when you could be seeing new sights and finding new items, catching fish, mining, and finding rare items you can show off in the museum.

If you are more enterprising, you can become a merchant or builder. Chances are the farmer and forager have a little you can buy cheap and sell high. Do this enough times, and you can be a wealthy 2D character. After using your profits to buy land, the creative types can build and decorate to their heart’s content.

The world of Forager is open for however you want to spend your time, and you can pre-order the physical release at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, or GameStop now, before it’s release on October 22. Check out the announcement trailer up top to see if this is one you’ll need to grab, and you can see the stickers and poster in the screenshot below.

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