The Forbidden Arts Coming to PS4 Early 2019

2019? Hey, don’t diss it. Time is fickle and we’ll soon be looking at the arse end of 2018, so why not look to the future? That’s what the developer behind The Forbidden Arts is doing. The game is due to hit Steam’s Early Access program on February 7th before aiming for a PS4 release in “early 2019”. Always nice to have something to look forward to, isn’t it?

The Forbidden Arts is an action platformer with quests, puzzles, combat with a suspenseful story interspersed with comedy and unexpected twists and turns for our hero, Phoenix. It looks pretty decent from what’s been shown so far, though there’s still a long way to go and we expect it’ll be polished up before PS4 players have the chance to play it next year.

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The Forbidden Arts┬áis, at its heart, a tale of a young man trying to find himself,” says Sterling Selover, founder and visionary, Stingbot Games. “Through overcoming physical and mental challenges with the help of his companions, Phoenix will learn of the true power within.

There’s a trailer up above so give that a watch and keep an eye out here on Pure PlayStation for future updates.

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