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Forgotton Anne Finally Gets Some Story Info

A few months ago a Forgotton Anne trailer dropped on ThroughLine Games’ Youtube channel. It was a rather magical video as the title combined puzzle platforming with seamless cinematic adventure. The only problem was the lack of story or general details about the title. Luckily, a press release was issued today that cleared all of it up. You play as Anne, an enforcer keeping the status quo in the Forgotten Lands, as she attempts to put an end to a rebellion that would prevent her master and herself from returning to the human world. The denizens of this strange land are forgotten trinkets that come to life called Forgotlings. Their only goal is to be remembered again by the human world.

On the gameplay side of things, there will be dialogue options and powerful techniques to wield. As an enforcer, Anne has the ability to manipulate Anima energy which she can use to distill or instill into creatures and machinery. You may decide the fate of any Forgotling. There will also be dialogue options in tow as well. There can be different outcomes to uncover the mysteries of this fantasy adventure where things are not as they seem.

Forgotton Anne is being developed by ThroughLine Games and has no release date other than 2017 for the PlayStation 4. You can check out the teaser announcement from a few months ago in the video above. The anime style visuals definitely have us interested but let us know if it has captivated your eye as well!

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