Former Activsion Exec Says Developers Push Microtransactions More than Publishers

Here’s something we didn’t expect to be writing… According to Mat Piscatella, a former executive at Activision and Warner Bros. Entertainment, developers are the ones pushing for microtransactions and publishers are, sometimes, the ones going hard against these extra money-making schemes. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Piscatella says that some of the most aggressive microtransaction ideas that he has ever heard of have come from the developers making the game, something most people would find hard to swallow. Typically, gamers flock to defend their favourite developers and tend to hang the blame for lootboxes and the like on the big evil corporate overlords, when in reality it could be a little different.

We’re unable to say for sure how many and which developers/publishers fit into this, but now that we think about it, it kind of makes sense for developers to want to have their games make more money, thereby giving them a better chance of securing work on a sequel or another project once the game has released.

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Think about it; how often do you read that a developer has laid off staff after the completion of a big games? It’s something that happens regularly. But if that studio can keep making money, it can, hopefully, avoid sending half its workforce to the dole office.

Then again, it could be that the management of the development company sees the potential to nab extra bonuses by bringing in more revenue. This editor would like to think the former is the more accurate, but it’s hard to know when nobody wants to spill the beans…

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