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Former Ubisoft Creative Director Tells How He Would ‘Fix’ Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered

Assassin’s Creed 3 was divisive upon release. Most players loved the intro with a twist (I shan’t spoil it here) but then got bummed out when Connor was introduced to the game as the main character. Personally, I loved the game and Connor was a great Assassin’s Creed hero, at least in my eyes. Granted, the ending of the game was a little anti-climatic for those of us invested in Desmond’s story, but the overall package was, again, to me, amazing.

With the announcement that Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered will be releasing next year, it has got the gaming world once again talking about Conner’s story and the problems with Assassin’s Creed 3. Every forum and Twitter thread related to Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered has a few people chiming in with how they would ‘fix’ the game this time around. Most are unqualified, but one man among the crowd has a voice worth listening to: Alex Hutchinson, the creative director behind Assassin’s Creed 3.

The former Ubisoft developer took to Twitter to list what he would do differently this time around. Most of it will never come to fruition, unfortunately, but it still makes for an interesting read.

Instead of piling tweets upon tweets, the snippets have been collated down below for your reading pleasure.

1. Take the damage volumes off the fires in the final mission so people don’t fail it and finish the sequence with a bad taste. It’s too hard for no real reason.

2. Force the completion of the Temple missions in the present day as they trigger instead of letting them stack up at the end. I thought it would be nice to give players options, but it actually just ruins the pacing at the end.

3. Create a path to force more of the Homestead side missions earlier: They feature the charming, fun and more human version of version of Connor that is not as obvious if you only play the main missions and ignore the side content.

4. Push more of the naval encounters in the main flow. Again, my preference for letting players engage with the content at their own pace doesn’t work as well in a blockbuster. Make the masses play the cool boat missions! ūüėČ

5. Somehow, somehow make sure every person who buys the game sees the animation sequence where a homesteader gets a pig, puts it on a chopping block, cuts each limb off, skins it, packs them up and takes them inside. It’s amazing.

6. Highlight that it’s the AC game with by far the most assassination moves: you can get a custom assassination with every weapon in the game, including all pick ups.

7. Notice that we cast the fantastic @TheNoahWatts as Connor, well before the internet of videogames gave a shit about respecting other cultures and we have characters speaking historically appropriate languages (+sub titles) in a blockbuster FOR A GODDAMN HOUR. That made happy.

8. Agree that we allowed people to draw rude things in the snow in a game well before it was fashionable or technically advisable.

9. Finally admit that today, years after it was released, it was okay to change the color of Connor’s sash from the crimson red of Ezio and Altair to a nice royal blue, and that it really wasn’t worth having seven two-hour meetings about.

11. I’m adding this one to agree with¬†@GameAnim¬†we should have broken up Haytham’s intro into chunks and interspersed them throughout the game to get to Connor faster. The shock reveal of another playable character was great, but the start was too slow.

12. Oh! And while we were searching for music, somehow make sure we would find A Tribe Called Red. They would have been perfect. A missed opportunity on many levels.

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