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Formula 1 League Posts Banned From Main Subreddit

The Formula 1 game Subreddit is popular among racers. It is a friendly place for team mates to discuss car setups and racing styles. And it was also a place for leagues to advertise for new drivers, often prompting first timers to give the competitive side of the sport a go. But that is now no more.

As of last week, all league related posts are banned from the main subreddit, and are instead directed to r/F1leagues. This comes after what was seen as a high percentage of posts being league related rather than more game generic. And that some posters, read leagues, were using vote manipulation in order to guarantee a first page presence – putting themselves at an advantage and others at a disadvantage.

Failure to comply will lead to a punishment, which depending on their antics, could prove potentially severe for offenders.

A one time offence will see that user banned for a day. But repeating the same misdemeanour could see them banned. Permanently.

In all, it is a fair stance to take in order to maintain a more open, fair and varied discussion on the Formula 1 game. But some have argued that such posts did encourage them to join a league, something they wouldn’t have done otherwise. And by placing them in a completely separate thread of conversation, you potentially limit the exposure newcomers may have to the opportunity.

Have you donned a helmet competitively? Did you get your start on the main subreddit? Spare us a comment in the pit box below.

Source: Reddit

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