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Fortnite Has Over 20 Million Players Across All Platforms

Epic Games’ free-to-play co-op shooter Fortnite is doing alright, isn’t it? Many wrote it off before it even got its first leg out of the gate, yet 20 million or so players have gotten involved with the game in one way or another.

The publisher announced today that Fortnite has accrued 20 million players across all platforms. So that’s PS4, Xbox One and PC, though we reckon the bulk of the game’s player base is probably from Sony’s home console. It also doesn’t hurt that Epic Games released Battle Royale mode as a free update in order to entice current and would-be PUBG players with its own take on the battle royale genre.

We didn’t find it to be the greatest game ever in our review, though it did get a very respectable “Good” – 6.5/10 from us. You can read Pure PlayStation’s Fortnite review through here.

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