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Fortnite Chapter 2 is Out Now on PS4 With a Brand New Map

Two days after the original Fortnite map got sucked into a black hole, Epic Games has released the next iteration of Fortnite and it is aptly named Fortnite Chapter 2.

The original map was sucked away and replaced with a black hole for two days, which resulted in the internet going meme-crazy. Great promotion for the game, no doubt, but what about all the kids who couldn’t play Fortnite. Think of the parents!

The game is now back and it’s live on PS4 as Fortnite Chapter 2. The return of Fortnite on PS4 brings a brand new map to play on, as well as some new features like healing teammates, hiding in haystacks and even swimming. There are new vehicles, too, as well as the all-important Battle Pass.

There’s a launch trailer up above that’ll give you the skinny on what’s what better than I ever could. I only ever played Fortnite before it added a Battle Royale mode, so I’m not all that clued up on the most popular game on the planet. Perhaps I’ll take a look this evening and see if I can hold my own against the crowd. My expectations are low…

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