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Fortnite Creative Mode Starts Dec 6th

To call Fortnite popular would be the same as saying that water is wet. It’s on just about everything that can play games, and it’s next iteration is here. Fortnite Creative is a sandbox mode that gives each player a private island to design games, Fortnite modes, and race your friends. It looks like the love child from the union of Fortnite and Minecraft.

The fastest way to experience Fortnite Creative is by purchasing the Season 7 Battle Pass. Starting December 6th, that unlocks it a full week before the rest of the public can get it’s unwashed hands on it. If you have the battle pass, you can invite your friends to your island during the week to see all your creations. Everyone else only has to wait until December 13th to own an island of their own.

In the trailer, Epic Games notes the launch will be rough, and I am impressed to hear a developer be so blunt. With such a large community, there will be many jumping into the new mode, and it’s good to set appropriate expectations.

You can expect to see more improvements coming for Fortnite. The official blog states that new modes and updates will continue to rolled out for the online juggernaut in the future. That’s bound to make the devoted fanbase very happy.

If you want a preview, Epic Games brought in content creators for a sneak peek, and you can see links to their channels here.

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