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Fortnite is Getting a PUBG-Style Game Mode Called Battle Royale on PS4, Coming September 26th

Hoping to cash in on the crazy success of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Epic Games has announced today that Fortnite will be getting a new game mode called Battle Royale, which is basically PUBG but played with Fortnite’s characters and setting.

If you thought this was a shameless cash in and that Epic Games was going to claim to be inspired by nobody but themselves, you’d be wrong. The developer behind Fortnite is being pretty open in its adoration for PUBG, even going as far to mention it in the PlayStation Blog post that went out a little earlier today.

The new Battle Royale mode will pit 100 players against each other and the last one standing is the winner. Same concept, different game. Hey, if GTA V can do it, why not Fortnite?

The new game mode will release on September 26th. To help boost player numbers and get more involved in the Early Access release, Epic has also announced that from today until September 18th, Fortnite will be getting a 25% price-drop to entice new players to join. We’d say it’s worth a punt if you can get it cheap and find a few mates to play with, though perhaps you’d be better off reading our review for more in-depth details.

Epic has stated that this isn’t the final form of Battle Royale, and what we play later this month may drastically change as the developer continues to update the core game as well as the new mode.

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