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Fortnite Named as a PlayStation 5 Launch Game


We’re still waiting for a concrete line-up of launch games for the PlayStation 5. But today we’ve learned, at least, that Fortnite will be one of those few. The game will initially be released with similar graphics to those enjoyed now – launching with only Unreal Engine 4 support. However, the team are working tirelessly with the Unreal Engine 5 to migrate their assets over sometime next year so you can enjoy the challenge in all its Next Generation glory.

I guess it’s just a shame that a launch game won’t be utilising the console’s full potential from its release (although, Fortnite will hardly be the game to show it off fully). And I just hope it’s not a trend we see continuing, otherwise large patches may be as commonplace as they seem now.

From my initial perusals online, this news is very welcomed by the gaming community. Probably because it means you can trade in the PlayStation 4 and go all in on Day One, without the risk of not being able to play one of your most favourite games. But also because it gives us a little bit of a light at the end of this tunnel – one that seems to still be leading to a Holidays 2020 console launch. Subject to no further complications or supply issues, obviously.

What the new engine will mean for Fortnite is yet to be experienced. But it could open the game up to even larger battles (yes, I really did type that). The potential really is limitless, so please Santa (and Sony) hurry yourself up!

Source: Polygon

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