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Fortnite Teams Up With Nerf as Virtual Meets Reality

Just in case Fortnite wasn’t consuming enough of our lives, you’ll soon be able to load-out in person thanks to the Nerf brand. The foam dart shooters took to Instagram to announce a collaboration between themselves and the popular online multiplayer game, leading to much speculation over which weapons will be manufactured.

Unfortunately, little information was provided by the company. In fact, we’ve seen more details in a haven tax return. But the teaser will prove enough to garner interest, and that’s all that matters.

They did at least post a second image that featured their Fortnite AR-L; we’ll let you judge its aesthetics for yourself over on their official Instagram page.

It would make commercial sense for the “toys” to release this side of Christmas; a delay into the new year could dampen sales. But it all depends on how long things have been progressing behind the scenes. And, obviously, that’s something we don’t know.

It may also be affected by the company’s other video game collaboration, which will see an Overwatch themed collection launching in 2019. But the only thing we can say for certain is it looks like we’re witnessing the start of a trend. Keep an eye out for Pure PlayStation blasters coming out sometime next autumn….

Do you know somebody who’s life revolves around Fortnite? Or are you yourself addicted to its battle royale? Let us know if you’ll be recreating the game in real life, though if you do, we recommend you skip the parachuting part.

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