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Four Fancy New DualShock 4 Colors Landing Soon

I used to think a controller was a controller, but I have been brainwashed changed my mind. I like having “my controller” based on a color or pattern I like, and now I’m going to be even more spoiled for choice. PlayStation will have four new colors coming this fall (hello, Christmas shopping ideas), and, although not as wild as some designs, they mostly look nice.

The Red Camouflage is the least subtle color. It takes what looks a lot like the magma red and adds black, brown, and more red with silver arrows around the D-pad. The Titantium Blue has a metallic top and matte blue bottom that might roughly equate to an anodized look. The electric purple is two-toned too, but it’s not metallic. It does have white PlayStation shapes on the buttons that looks really nice. I wish they had added more white to it though.

Rose Gold is the color that has Sony’s focus. The top of the controller has a metallic finish while the bottom is matte. I’m not an artist or designer, but the colors don’t look great together. If you disagree with my lack of a creative eye, you can buy a matching Rose Gold Headset in November. It’s the Gold Wireless Headset in a new color, and I’ll put a trailer for that at the bottom. The trailer at the top has a stylized look at all four controllers.

Will you be picking one of these up when they hit this fall, or do you have enough DualShock 4 controllers to last you until you have to buy new DualShock 5’s?

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