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Fox n Forests Changes the Seasons On Your PS4 Next Month

Retro gaming fans will have something to be excited about next month, because Fox n Forests will be releasing on May 17th. To celebrate, the developer has posted a new trailer for level 2:1 in Fungus Forest. The hero, Rick the Fox, moves steadily toward the goal while finding treasures, secrets, and strategically changing the seasons along the way.

Fox n Forests is filled with 16-bit goodness from the music and sound effects to retro visuals. We would guess that someone on the development team had a SNES as a kid, and the developers admit to pulling inspiration from classics such as Castlevania and Zelda. You could definitely choose worse inspirations.

Fox n Forests seems like a return to a simpler time in gaming when we could stay up all night, instead of falling asleep on the couch a little after 10:00. Although it may not be a time machine, it appears to be pulling the ideas and feel onto modern consoles.

We look forward to seeing if it brings up warm feelings of nostalgia when Fox n Forests releases May 17th.

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