Fracked is Die Hard for VR and It’s Coming This Summer to PSVR With PS5 Enhancements

Die Hard in VR? Well, kind of, but without the licensing, the German bad guys, or Bruce Willis before he stopped trying…

nDreams, the developer behind last year’s Phantom: Covert Ops, is back and this time with a massive bang in the form of Fracked for PSVR.

The game is described as being a 1:1 run and cover action-adventure where you are always the star. You’ll find no cut-scenes or on-the-rails moments, just you, your PS Move controllers, and a fracking plant fuck of interdimensional bad guys to blow up. Sounds more or less like Die Hard, no?

Fracked is being developed exclusively for PSVR and it’ll release this summer. When it does, PS5 players will get the best version of the game with higher framerates, faster loading times, and higher resolutions. The developers do state that the game still looks and plays perfectly on PS4 and PS4 Pro, mind you, but it’s nice to see PS5 players being taken care of even when it comes to PSVR games.

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There’s no solid release date as of yet but summer isn’t that far away, is it? June 21st is officially the first day of summer. Fingers crossed we’re all sweating inside our headsets on June 22nd.

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