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Free DLC Brings Professional Difficulty to Hitman

Are you the master assassin that Agent 47 would call for back up? Do you kill more targets by 8:00 AM than most contract killers do all day? It is time to turn up the difficulty to prove you are the ultimate deliverer of death in Hitman with free DLC adding ways to make the game much more challenging.

Coming January 31st, the Professional Difficulty will add new features including new AI for enemies and limiting the times you can save. If you are carrying something suspicious, you are much more likely to be noticed, and your outfit is not as likely to camouflage what you thought was a discreet murder. There will also be a new mastery track and new security camera behaviors in case you have memorized each level. The new difficulty will be available for all story missions except the prologue, but you cannot unlock it until you reach level 20 mastery for all locations.

It looks like this will push the skill level of the armchair assassin in all of us, and it might be just what you need to add a little more tension your game. Check out the full list of changes, and let us know if this new Professional Difficulty is still too easy for you.

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