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Free F2 Update Available for F1 2020

The FIA Formula 2 Championship is over for this year, but you can relive or remake the season however you like in F1 2020. The F2 update will add 11 teams with cars and drivers from the 2020 season, including Mick Shumacher. The best part of this update is that it is completely free.

The new mode will mimic the real world. In F2, you will have twelve weekends with two races each. One of the races is a more traditional Feature Race. Better qualifiers give you a better position and more points for the real race. The Sprint Race reverses the order, shortens the race, and gives fewer points. If you feel like another driver could or should have come out on top, it’s your chance to make it happen.

F1 2020 is a realistic racing sim that puts you in the driver’s seat with enough to challenge a hardcore fanatic while allowing a newcomer to learn the ropes. Chris gave it high praise in his review, and there is a free trial on the PS4 if you want to see if it revs your engine. While I can’t see the trial on the web or phone app, you can select it from your console.

If you have PS Now, F1 2020 is included, and you can give the game and new content a try. If you already own F1 2020, it’s a free update, and you have nothing to lose and a lot of races to win.

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