Free FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Packs Are Being Gifted to Anyone Who has Signed In

EA Sports is not one to normally “show the love”. But that’s what they’re doing now by offering players free Ultimate Team Packs in FIFA 21. All you’ve needed to do is to have signed in to the game at some point since its launch. However, it’s your commitment that will decide just what you receive – so, how loyal are you? 

If you play FIFA 21, you will be glad to hear that there are free Ultimate Team Packs up for grabs. And the best part is you barely have to have done much to qualify for them. That’s because the freebie is being offered to anyone who has signed into the game , at least once, since its launch. But not all gifts are created equal.

You see, the actual pack depends on how many days you have played in total. So, an infrequent visit may get you the Jumbo Premium Gold Pack but clocking up at least 138 days will see you receiving the Ultimate Pack. Not bad for a bit of a kick around, right?

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In total, there are four tiers and they are:

                      • Tier 4 (138-141 days): Ultimate Pack
                      • Tier 3 (116-137 days): Rare Mega Pack
                      • Tier 2 (61-115 days): Prime Gold Players Pack
                      • Tier 1 (1-60 days): Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Now, obviously, there’s little you can do about it now. However, it’s nice to see the love being shown to all levels of devotion. But the promotion comes as part of FUT Player Days, kicking off at 6pm on Monday March 8th. So, there is an obvious ulterior motive going on here. And it also joins a price reduction on a number of packs in general, which shows they’re really pushing the feature.

But the only thing people really care about now are which players they were fortunate to receive, so I won’t take up anymore of your time – go and discover your new team members!

Source: GamesRadar

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