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Free Fire Pro Wrestling World Move Craft DLC Lets You Create Your Own Moves

Fire Pro Wrestling World is giving you the tools to shape your wrestler’s move set in new free DLC. The tools are deep enough and complex enough to be similar to what the developers use. As you might expect, that makes them a little more complicated to learn to use too, but there is a YouTube playlist that will walk you through the process. It’s amazing to see a game give players this much freedom.

That freedom does come with a few restrictions. First, you can’t use your fancy new moves in online matches. You will also need DLC to upload and download custom moves to Fire Pro Net. As you might expect, all that power needs to be used with caution. Some custom moves may not work properly or even cause the game to freeze if they conflict with how the game was intended.

Even with restrictions, the Move Craft DLC is a welcome step toward developers giving players the tools to create inside the game world, and it’s free. It used to be more common on PC, so maybe the PS5 will be headed for a new age of player-created content. You can find the first tutorial video at the top if you want a feel for the tools before jumping into the entire series.

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