Free Gatecrash Update Available For Eve: Valkyrie

With the cost of PSVR games right now, it is nice to receive free content. The new Gatecrash update for Eve: Valkyrie provides a few new items, and it improves the general game as well. The biggest part of the update is the new map, Gateway. Set in an ice asteroid field, there is a giant structure for you to use as cover, and there are also warp gates that will launch you around the map.

For those who like to stand out in a crowd, there are new helmets and suits for your space Barbie. (We do not judge. We like our characters to feel pretty too.) These can be purchased with in-game currency from the quartermaster or the pilot customization menu.

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The PS4 Pro also receives a boost in this update. There will now be dynamic shadows, and the resolution and particle effects have been increased. Finally, the load times are decreased, so you can get back into the action faster.

For more information, check out the developer’s blog post here. In addition to the launch trailer at the top, we are also posting a demo video from the PlayStation Experience that shows the level in action with commentary from the developer. Let us know in the comments if this new level has you excited to step back into the cockpit.

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