Free Killing Floor 2 DLC Available Now

Killing Floor 2 received some free DLC today. Dubbed Tropical Bash, it promises to add a little for everyone. First, there will be a new tropical themed map named Zed Landing. In case the Zeds are not enough, the island is home to an active volcano, so your survival will be a little more complicated.

There are also a few other double hitters. The Gorefiend is a new enemy that will keep you on your toes. Armed with dual blades, it should be twice the fun. You can have multiple weapons apply to a perk, so enjoy the mixing and matching. Finally, there is a new shield and sword combo called the Bone Crusher.

The game will receive a  33% discount through Monday to celebrate the DLC. With additional free updates promised, this is a great start. While it it downloading, check out the notes for all the changes.

  • New Map – Zed Landing, a lush tropical island with an active volcano and dynamic volcano effects
  • New Weapon – Hammer the point home to Zeds using the Bone Crusher, a devastating makeshift mace and shield for the Berserker perk
  • New Zed – The deadly, dual-bladed Gorefiend adds yet another threat for players to overcome
  • Dual Perk Weapons – Weapons can now belong to more than one perk, greatly increasing the weapon choices available for each perk
  • New Emotes – New emote animations that can be triggered during gameplay. All players receive one for free, with additional emotes gained from unlocking Emote Crates
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Do you take DLC into account when you decide to purchase a game? Let us know in the comments if free DLC and developer support will be a big factor in how you buy your games, or if it is not a consideration. 

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