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Free Killing Floor 2 DLC Available Now

Killing Floor 2 received some free DLC today. Dubbed Tropical Bash, it promises to add a little for everyone. First, there will be a new tropical themed map named Zed Landing. In case the Zeds are not enough, the island is home to an active volcano, so your survival will be a little more complicated.

There are also a few other double hitters. The Gorefiend is a new enemy that will keep you on your toes. Armed with dual blades, it should be twice the fun. You can have multiple weapons apply to a perk, so enjoy the mixing and matching. Finally, there is a new shield and sword combo called the Bone Crusher.

The game will receive a  33% discount through Monday to celebrate the DLC. With additional free updates promised, this is a great start. While it it downloading, check out the notes for all the changes.

  • New Map – Zed Landing, a lush tropical island with an active volcano and dynamic volcano effects
  • New Weapon – Hammer the point home to Zeds using the Bone Crusher, a devastating makeshift mace and shield for the Berserker perk
  • New Zed – The deadly, dual-bladed Gorefiend adds yet another threat for players to overcome
  • Dual Perk Weapons – Weapons can now belong to more than one perk, greatly increasing the weapon choices available for each perk
  • New Emotes – New emote animations that can be triggered during gameplay. All players receive one for free, with additional emotes gained from unlocking Emote Crates

Do you take DLC into account when you decide to purchase a game? Let us know in the comments if free DLC and developer support will be a big factor in how you buy your games, or if it is not a consideration. 

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