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Free Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Content Announced

We are yet to experience Monster Hunter World: Iceborne out in the wilds of our living rooms. But that hasn’t stopped Capcom from releasing details of its first free expansion. Because extra content always needs extra content of its own, right?

The gift comes in the form of a new monster, which will be ready to send you screaming for your mummy this October. You may recognise the beast – Rajang – from previous instalments (like its Monster Hunter Ultimate guide above). But either way, you’ll never be prepared for this brute.

The question is, are you remotely capable of tackling it? Or is your life, and dignity, already savagely lost?

These details suggest the company are following a similar content injection plan to the main game. Namely, free additions at regular points through its lifespan. But will all of this generosity come at the expense of the next game in the series – taking away the creativity and ideas that could form a sequel?

We hope not. But with there being so many fantasy, monster-centric games on the market, keeping things feeling fresh is getting extremely more difficult.

Are you planning on returning to Monster Hunter World in its Iceborne expansion form? Or have you had enough of monsters with the grief that one under the bed has caused you?

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