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Free Resident Evil 2 DLC Coming February 15th

Resident Evil 2 (review) is dropping some free DLC in two days. “The Ghost Survivors” will give you stories for three zombie survivors, and you will be able to play through some challenging missions. Each of them has been given a little more story or a second chance at life. Your job is to make the most of it.

The first story is called No Time to Mourn. The gun store owner, Robert Kendo, grabs his weapons and heads out to cut a path to safety in the streets. As if zombie hordes weren’t enough, he will have to manage a new poisonous zombie. Runaway is the second story. You will guide Katherine Warren through the streets as she is pursued by a zombie that will only drop dead permanently if she uses a particular ammo type. Since everyone else needs powerful ammo, her story will be a challenge too. The final tale is called Forgotten Soldier. A U.S.S. agent named Ghost will try to escape a lab deep underground that is crawling with armored zombies. Good luck, soldier.

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If you play games with my skill level, there is a training mode that will make it a bit easier, so you can become better at the game and tackle the regular difficulty. These modes are intended to challenge the veteran players, and you can only pick up new items by defeating zombies. If you do take something from the vending machine, any other options are unavailable.

The rewards are there for anyone who can beat these new modes. There are new trophies and accessories. Even if it’s too soon to be going into the depths of Resident Evil 2 again, at least grab the ’98 costumes for Leon and Claire. They and the rest of the DLC will be available on Feb 15th.

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