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Free Roam Update Heading to Need For Speed Payback Later This Year

The New Year brings with it many rumours and cryptic tweets, no doubt conjured up after a drinky or two. But there was at least one Twitter account that managed to keep their heads this festive season, and that was Need for Speed. The team announced that Need for Speed Payback is getting an online free roam mode sometime this year, possibly as an olive branch following criticism against its loot boxes and the likes.

Unfortunately there isn’t anything else to report at this point; the news was released as a miniscule one-liner, although they did wish everyone a Happy New Year. So, here we are, left in the dark until its release is given a date and it draws a little closer to reality. But it’s not like we don’t know what’s coming – online free roam means online free roam no matter how you spin it.

The news comes a mere couple of months after Need for Speed Payback launched, which played out as anything but a fairy tale. On its release the latest instalment of the global franchise came under criticism for its inclusion of those devilish loot boxes and microtransactions. In its defence, Payback did at least boast a day-night cycle and offline single player campaign that had been missing in Need For Speed (2015).

It will be interestingly to see how similar the whole “online free roaming thing” will play compared to the genre leading superstar that is Grand Theft Auto V or dare we say Watchdogs. Nobody likes a copycat as much as nobody likes a poor copy so they have got a tough task ahead of them.

Did you take a chance on Need For Speed Payback? Did it pay-off? Or are you holding fire until you see how things pan out? Comment below, Ronnie Biggs, unless the cops are on to you. Then just keep on moving, Sundance, we’re rooting for you!

Need For Speed Payback

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