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Free Stuff Has Been Added to The Surge 2 on PS4, Season Pass Reveal Coming Next Week

There’s some new content in Deck13’s excellent The Surge 2 today in the form of new weapons in the free Future Shock Weapon Pack. The new pack adds four new weapons to The Surge 2, though you’ll have to work to get your hands on the new killing utensils.

The Golden Twin Blades, the “EFH” Heavy Duty Weapon, the Mangled Articulators Punching Gloves, and the Golden Harvest Double Duty Weapon, can all be found within the game. However, you’ll have to find the enemies who have them, kill said enemies and then pillage their corpses for the weapons.

If you want even more The Surge 2 content, you’ll be getting it soon enough. Next week will see the full reveal of The Surge 2’s Season Pass, which is expected to add more weapons, implants, gear sets and even a brand new story in a new environment that will be released at a later date. Pricing and release are not yet known, though I think it’s fair to say that all the relevant details will be put out during the reveal next week.

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