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Free Stuff: You Can Get Hitman’s Sapienza Level for Nothing on PS4

We all love a freebie here at Pure PlayStation, and so we’re happy to be writing that you can get some free stuff too. IO Interactive, the developer behind Hitman, is giving away the second episode of its critically acclaimed Hitman game from 2016.

The Sapienza level is available for free on the PlayStation Store from now until April 3rd. You don’t have to pay a penny and your progress will carry over if you buy the full Game of the Year Edition which includes every episode released thus far.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s included in this lovely freebie:

ICA Facility Location

  • 2 story missions
  • 2 Escalation Contracts
  • 40+ Challenges
  • 17 achievements /  Trophies

Sapienza Location

  • ‘World of Tomorrow’ story mission
  • 12 Escalation Contracts
  • 20 levels of Sapienza Mastery (including 6 gear/weapon unlocks)
  • 120+ Challenges
  • 7 achievements / Trophies
  • Master Sniper Challenge Pack (rewards Jaeger 7 Covert Sniper Rifle)
  • Plumber’s Apprentice Challenge Pack (rewards Claw Hammer melee weapon)
  • Professional Difficulty Level for Sapienza
  • Future Re-activated Elusive Targets in Sapienza

Not bad, right? Hitman’s episodic approach wasn’t for everyone upon release, but with IO Interactive now the sole owner of the Hitman franchise, it’ll be interesting to see what the indie publisher does going forward.

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