Free-To-Play Bleach: Brave Souls Will Be Heading to PS4 in 2021

KLab has announced that the free-to-play 3D action game Bleach: Brave Souls will be making its way over to PS4 sometime during 2021.

The fast-paced hack and slash action has been available on IOS and Android since July 2015 and was even released on PC last year in August. However, the announcement that Bleach: Brave Souls will be heading to PS4 will make it the first time the game will be landing on a household console. Bleach: Brave Souls have already enjoyed big success, with the game being downloaded over 55 million times.

Bleach: Brave Souls is a free-to-play title based around the well-known manga and anime series, Bleach. The game will feature characters from the Bleach universe as you relive iconic moments from the series. It will offer a single-player mode, or you can team up with three other players via online co-op. You can also battle against others online, so there is plenty of online co-op skirmishing to get stuck into.

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The game centres around a character improvement system. Where individual characters have unique special moves that can be unleashed to cut foes down for victory. It will also include a soul tree levelling up system that will help ascend characters and allow many customisation options. In addition, it also gives players the chance to put their skills to the test with an intense online ranking system.

Bleach games are currently lacking on PlayStation consoles, with the last game being released on the PS3 all the way back in June 2011 with Bleach: Soul Resurrection. Even though characters from the Bleach franchise have appeared in PS4 titles such as J-Star Victory VS+ and Jump Force.

Will you be powering up your Bankai and taking on Bleach: Brave Souls?

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