Free-To-Play Brawler Knights of Valour Coming to PS4

Free-To-Play Brawler Knights of Valour Coming to PS4

Knights of Valour is a new, free-to-play brawler coming to PS4s in Europe and Australia at the end of February. Previously an arcade game, Knights of Valour has updated graphics, more story, and four player co-op. The game will feature seven characters with different abilities, and you will be able to unlock new skills and gather loot from your enemies.

We have been wary of free-to-play games in the past. Either the microtransactions keep you from ever realizing the game’s promise of free, or it is an endless grind that betrays the game’s promise of fun. Since we are eternal optimists (and perpetually low on funds), we will keep trying them anyway. Maybe this next one will be the one to hook us.

Have you found the perfect free-to-play game on the PS4? Let us know in the comments.

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