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Free-to-Play FPS Warface Hitting PS4 in August

Warface is the latest free-to-play FPS coming to the PS4. It puts you in the usual world-has-gone-down-the-toilet scenario with a shady military force at the beck and call of equally shady corporations. You have joined up with the opposition in Warface. Although they may not have the best team name, they intend to take the world back one fight at a time.

So, how do you get your war face ready for Warface? You can pick from four different classes in either PvE or PvP game modes. The classes include sniper, medic, rifleman, and engineer, and team play is critical for success. The PvE gives you a choice between shorter missions or longer raids, and the PvP has an assortment of ways for you to prove your superiority.

Warface has been available on the PC for a while. That’s a good thing for us, as it should mean that we won’t immediately run into problems with content or balance issues. If we do, the official site is claiming they provide monthly updates with new content and gear in locations around the world.

Check out the trailer, and gather your friends. Warface will be ready to deploy in August.

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