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Free-To-Play Switchblade Brings Vehicular Destruction to MOBAs

If there is one thing we can never have too much of, it’s free-to-play on the PS4. (Before you groan, remember that Fortnite is a thing.) Switchblade is looking to shake up the MOBA space by allowing you to take teams of five and destroy other teams and their towers. Instead of running around the field on foot, you will be inside a fancy ride, complete with all the firepower you can bolt onto it.

Those cars can be switched anytime during a match to change your strategy. At the beginning of the match, you pick two cars. The idea is that you might want something with a few more horses under the hood to move and strike quickly. When you need to lay down some serious firepower, switch over to another car, and blast something to bits.

As a game created for E-Sports, there are unlockables, different arenas, leaderboards, and the ability to personalize your character for the lobby. As a free-to-play game, it has plenty you can purchase. The most expensive legendary pack is $19.99, and it includes skins and access to all 16 vehicles. If they release more in the future, those are included as well. There is a free PS Plus pack with skins, and that’s probably the pack I would recommend until you get a feel for the game. The free part swayed my opinion just a bit.

Unsurprisingly, that’s the biggest reason to try Switchblade. It’s free, and odds are good that we won’t see another Twisted Metal until the PS7, if ever. If you like car combat and FTP is not a curse word, give it a try. It probably won’t dethrone Fortnite, but (blasphemy warning) some game will someday.


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