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Free Trial for Dishonored 2 Coming April 6th

Not only are we enjoying all the glorious new games releasing since the beginning of the year, we are also reveling in the many demos and free trials. This week, Dishonored 2 will be holding a free trial beginning April 6th. You will be able to play the first three missions as Emily or Corvo, so you can try a sampling of both their powers.

If you decide to purchase the game in the future, your saves will carry over to the full version of the game. We are no Miss. Cleo, but, based on past experience, we would expect to see a discount on Dishonored 2 sometime this week to incentivize you.

In our review, we liked Dishonored 2, but we wished the AI had more than one brain cell to share. Either way, we are happy to be able to experience one of last year’s biggest games for our preferred price.

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