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Free Update Coming Next Week For Dishonored 2

We love free DLC, especially when it rewards us for jumping back into the game or gives us a new way to play. On December 19th, the first free update will give Dishonored 2 a New Game Plus option. After you complete the game, it will allow you to start a new game with all the character powers and any bone charms and runes found in the initial play through. You can even assign them to new powers, so you can see the upgrade road not taken.

There is a second free update planned for January. It will allow custom difficulty settings, and you will be able to pick a certain mission to replay. With the differing ways to accomplish an objective, we would not be surprised if you already have a favorite level you want to retry, since the excellent level design was one of the main things we enjoyed in our review.

Check out the New Game Plus, and let us know if this will drag you back into the shadows of Dishonored 2.


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