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Free World Cup Update For FIFA 18 Brings the Cup Home

FIFA 18 World Cup

Rumours began circulating last week that FIFA 18 was set to receive a World Cup themed update. Well, those murmurings have now been confirmed as true, thanks to a new post over on EA’s site. And it ain’t too shabby!

Previously the World Cup, and similarly the Euro tournament if we include the competition, would have earned themselves a separate release. But we expect sales of these supporting titles to have been less than satisfactory, especially when compared to the development efforts and cost; after paying out for the yearly instalment of FIFA, we’re hardly in the mood for another expense, even if it’s only once every four years.

Perhaps that is the logic that has encouraged EA to provide the thrills of this year’s World Cup as a free update for FIFA 18. But either way, we’re grateful!

As for the content, the self-explanatory World Cup mode tasks you with selecting a team from those who’ve qualified and going for glory. After all, it’s all about lifting the cup. But just in case your side failed to make it through the qualifiers, *cough* Wales *cough*, there is also the facility to create a custom tournament. This will allow you to choose from any of the national sides included in FIFA 18 and pit them against each other.

Kick Off mode is also getting some love, as you’ll be able to set up a solo or co-op game using the official stadiums and teams, whilst Ultimate Team will enable you to build a squad using any of the international players called up for this year’s competition. A number of World Cup icons will also be available for selection.

  • All-New ICONS: FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team will feature some of the most iconic players from the tournament’s history.
  • Chemistry System: Link your favorite international players; instead of clubs and leagues, nationalities and confederations will be key chemistry components to consider when building and organizing your squad.
  • FIFA World Cup™ Player Pool: Featuring up-to-date squads from every qualified nation with refreshed ratings, [RA1] you’ll have everything you need to build your international dream squad.
  • Dynamic Items: Built to match real world performance, these items will update based on the performances of players who stood out on matchday, with upgraded stats, ensuring a fresh and relevant experience for the entire tournament.
  • Double Pack Incentive: For every Standard or Premium pack you purchase in FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team, you will receive equivalent pack value in FUT 18.
  • Ultimate Team Game Modes: Experience several exciting ways to play with your international dream squad.
    • Single Player and Online Tournament
    • Single Player & Online Draft
    • Squad Building Challenges

The Russian stadiums that are included can be found here. And the update is due to hit May 29th. From EA with love, as they say, or something like that.

Which side will you be championing in this year’s World Cup? Who will feature in your grand final? Kick off with a comment below.

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