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Free Worms W.M.D. DLC Coming ASAP

The Worms games really add a lot of charm to the often dry and calculating strategy genre. Who would have guessed that militarized annelids could be so funny? Here is something else that you do not see very often: free DLC. It is not quite like seeing a leprechaun riding a unicorn, but it is getting close.

The Liberation update is releasing on December 7th, and Team17 has some great goodies in store. It will have five new levels, new weapons, new customizations, and a vehicle. Check out the full DLC notes, and let us know your best metaphor for free DLC in the comments.

The Liberation update includes:

  • 5 new single player levels to conquer
  • New drillboat vehicle! The first aquatic vehicle to be added to the series with a deadly drill!
  • 4 new weapons including the Mischievous Drone, W1 Rocket, Tasty Worm Lick and Worm Stinger
  • New theme to battle upon including new buildings and tunnels to explore
  • 12 new customisations to adorn your worms with from the Bicorne and Beret to the Cheese hat and Rubber Glove!



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