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Freedom Finger Gets a New Accolades Trailer, Soundtrack Released

Wide Right Games has released a brand new trailer today for the recently released expletive-ridden Freedom Finger. The new trailer comes hot on the heels of the game’s release, as well as the recent release of the game’s mesmerising soundtrack, which you can buy here.

Freedom Finger and it’s soundtrack are currently top-sellers over on Steam, though it’s also available on PS4 and other platforms, though we’ve no idea how well it has sold there. We recently reviewed Freedom Finger on PS4 and found it to be a brilliant, albeit tough as nails, game that is well worth a look. You can read and/or watch our review through here. 

Freedom Finger is a bonkers bullet-hell arcade shooter where you take control of a spaceship named the ‘Eagle Claw’, which just so happens to be shaped like, well, a massive middle finger. The game also stars Uncharted’s Nolan North as a very bad-mouthed army man, so be wary about playing in front of kids or grannies who have not yet lost their hearing…

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