Frostpunk 2 Announced

But not for console… yet.

11bit Studios has announced Frostpunk 2 – a sequel to the popular survival city-builder Frostpunk, which was released back in 2018.

The sequel has so far only been announced for PC and it’ll be available via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Store. There’s no word on a console release as of yet, but considering that the first game found its way to consoles, there’s a good chance Frostpunk 2 will as well.

If you have somehow never played the original Frostpunk, the game will be free to try on Steam from August 12th until August 16th. I highly recommend you get it. It’s one of the best strategy/sim games on console, and even better on PC. You can read and watch my review to find out why I’m a massive fan of the chilling city-builder.

Frostpunk 2 will follow in the snow trails of the original with the player taking on the role as leader of a resource-hungry city where survival is a daily battle against the cold. This time coal is on the backburner while oil is at the forefront of frozen society.

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“We have more manpower available to focus on all aspects of the game from the scale, the production value, to the quality of UX. Our ambition is to do more than a straight-up sequel. What we aim to deliver to players is an experience that goes vastly beyond that of the original Frostpunk,” said Jakub Stokalski, Frostpunk 2 Co-Director.

Jakub also shares his grand vision for Frostpunk 2: “What players should expect is a wide universe of choices, freedom to shape the society and the city however they see fit – and reap the consequences. Frostpunk 2 builds on the conflicts of its predecessor – survival vs human values, life vs the arctic frost. But most importantly, it adds a new layer that is present in many aspects of the game – be it politics, be it society, be it technological progress – the conflict between humans and their nature”.

I highly recommend you give the New London Courrier a read, too. Find it down below. It’s a good read.

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