Fruit Ninja VR Coming to PSVR, Trophies Revealed

Did we miss the announcement for Fruit Ninja on PSVR? Has it even been officially announced for the platform? We’re not sure and our 30-second Google search was fruitless. Yes, we went there with that pun. Point is, Fruit Ninja for PSVR is a thing and it’s probably coming very soon if the recent reveal of the game’s trophies are anything to go by.

Trophy tracking site Exophase has the gongs for the downloadable slice-’em-up and those looking to add another Platinum trophy to their collection will be disappointed: there’s no Platinum. Shame, eh?

Fruit Ninja VR has actually been out for a while on other VR platforms, but this would mark the first time the popular fruit-killing simulator has appeared on PSVR. We imagine it’ll be out on Tuesday as part of the PlayStation Store’s weekly update, though nothing has been confirmed as of the time of writing. There’s a trailer up above with some sweet sword gameplay, though it’s from the PC version of the game. We sincerely hope the PSVR edition makes use of the PS Move wands; this is a game that just needs proper motion controls.

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Naturally, we’ll be giving this one a whirl when it releases, so be sure to check back in with Pure PlayStation for some gameplay videos and the review.

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